Pigment Yellow 62
Pigment Yellow WSR (Pigment Yellow 62)

Chemical Name:  Irgalite Yellow WSR;Pigment Yellow 62
CAS No.: 12286-66-7
EU No.:  235-558-4
C.I. NO.:  13940
Chemical Formula:  C17H15N4O7S1/2Ca
Molecular Weight:  439.46

Structural Formula:

Company Name
 Dalamar PA YT 362-D HST
 DCC 1362 Yellow   DCC
 DCC 1364 Yellow DCC
 Heuco Yellow 106200 DHH
 Irgalite Yellow WSR CGY
 Pigment Yellow 62 CPMA
 Seikafast Yellow 1982-5G DNS
 Suimei Lake Fast Yellow ALT KKK
 Sunbrite Yellow 62 SNCG
 Vynamon Yellow RFW ZEN

Physical and Chemical Properties

  PH Value 6.5
  Density (g/cm3 ) 1.6

  Oil Absorption (ml/100g)

  Light 7

  Heat (C)



  Linseed Oil 4


  Alkali 5




Application: Easily dispersible,Aqueous inks,Aqueous Coating,Plastic

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