Pigment Yellow 97

Fast Yellow FGL (Pigment Yellow 97)

Chemical Name: Permanent Yellow FGL
CAS No.: 12225-18-2
EU No.:  235-427-3
C.I. NO.:  11767
Chemical Formula:  C26H27CIN4O8S
Molecular Weight:  591.08

Structural Formula:

Equivalent Company Name
 Aurosperse W-1350 EHC
 Graphtol Yellow CI S
 Coranyl Yellow FGL130 HOE
 FGL Yellow MCC
 Hostatint Yellow FGL-30 HOE
 H-P Sperse MT Yellow AGP 762 HDS
 Novoperm Yellow FGL HOE
 Permanent Yellow FGL FH
 Sunsperse C Yellow 97 SNCG
 Symuler Fast Yellow 4186 DIC

Physical and Chemical Properties
 PH Value 7.5
 Density (g/cm3 ) 1.3
 Oil Absorption (ml/100g) 45
 Light 7
 Heat (C) 200
 Water 5
 Linseed Oil 4
 Acid 5
 Alkali 5


Application: Plastic
Pigment Red Series
Pigment Yellow Series
Pigment Orange Series
Pigment Voilet Series
Pigment Blue and Green Series
Inorganic pigment
Iron Oxide Pigment
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